Ethnic Jewellery Bracelet "African Trade Bead "


  • Hand-made in Kenya
  • Made by Heshima, assisting mothers of children with special needs
  • Use of traditional and African inspired materials: multicolored West African trade beads.
  • 7″ circumference
  • Elastic for perfect fit

*Note: As these are handcrafted pieces of jewellery, each Item will have slight variances to the pictured Item.

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The Bracelet was designed and produced by a mother at Heshima (Swahili word for dignity).  Heshima is a NGO that was founded to empower and give dignity to mothers of children with special needs. The children receive special education and physiotherapy at Dignity, while the mothers design and manufacture the jewellery. The income of this jewellery is used to provide the above services. In the production of the jewellery ethnic beads are used and designs are very vibrant.

Trade beads  where traditionally used as currency and are now integrated in this bracelet.

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Arjun und Neel Malotra, Gründer von Africulture

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