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Through your purchase we are able to support the Kibagare Academy a primary school in the Kibagare Slum Nairobi that was founded by pastor Amos Okolo in 2008. In July 2017 we had the chance to visit pastor Amos who briefed us about the project: The project’s aim is to provide an accommodation to protect the innocent children of the slums from some of the harsh daily realities they are faced with. These children were left unattended for long hours while their parents went elsewhere to work or beg for money. They were often left with no food and were frequent victims of rape and abuse. Many of these children had no choice but to turn to begging themselves, sometimes ending up alone and abandoned on the streets. Since 2008, with the help of private sponsors and dedicated individuals, this refuge has grown into a certified primary school, educating children between the ages of 3-9 years.

The students usually eat at school as it can not be taken for granted that they get enough food at home. Providing the students with a hot meal is however a big challenge and teh school is dependent on private donors to finance help finance this. This is where Africulture tries to help. For each sold Africulture item we sponsor a hot meal for a school kid. By that we were for example able to finance the food for the school’s Christmas festival in 2018. With the help of our Africulture community we were furthermore able to donate four computers to the school which are used for the school’s administration and during school classes. A small video on this can be found at the bottom of this page. We are more than happy to connect you directly to Pastor Amos to assist this project further.

We would be very happy to hear your thoughts! Any questions, wishes or suggestions? Please feel free to reach out

Arjun und Neel Malotra, Gründer von Africulture

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