“If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.”

(African saying)

When we launched Africulture in 2014 with a clear mission to conquer the European Market with our African inspired designs, we knew that we could not walk this path alone.  As brothers of course there was the two of us, yet there are many more people with us on this journey. A Journey consisting of fair working conditions, mutual respect, dignity, inspiring varieties in our clothing and love for fair African Fashion. It is especially our companions which we would like to introduce to you today!

Africulture: „In order to walk together we ought to respect each other! “

Africulture stands for African design made in Africa. It is in Nairobi Kenya, where our father founded the family business ONEWAY over 30 years ago. Therefore, most certainly our father is one of our closest companions since we share the same passion. The expression of the beauty and culture of Africa in our designs and sharing these with the rest of the world!

Most importantly though is hat we share the same values! Especially when it comes to fair und sustainable production: Every individual in our organization who work with us, does this under fair working conditions. This certainly includes fair wages, pre-set working and vacation times, the possibility of further education and most importantly a working environment consisting of respect, shared goals, fun, understanding and mutual support.

We are incredibly fortunate that we have such a great team on our side, a team that makes this journey possible in the first place and simply more joyful! Some of our colleagues in Nairobi have been with us for many years. Ruth, for example started as a tailor and now trains and does mentoring for other tailors, staring their profession.
Since fair production is our most important value, the production in Nairobi is following the 10 Principles of Fair Trade and is WFTO Certifed (World Fair Trade Association). WFTO is a worldwide operating organization, standing up for fair trade and working conditions.

Africulture: „Together we can act local and sustainable”.

Further it is important to us to work with local dealers from whom we for example acquire our fabrics. In this way we can ensure that the fabrics we obtain are also manufactured in a fair way- and locally from dealers based in Africa. Of course, we could import fabrics, but it is most important for us that we not only create African inspired fashion but also support African companies and their employees. In addition, fair production should also mean sustainable production which we can insure by keeping distribution chains short therefore reducing the impact on the environment.
Heshima means dignity! And Africulture stands for togetherness!

One group of our companions here at Africulture is a group often neglected. It is a group of Children with special needs and their families. Our jewellery and our belts are traditionally hand made by mothers of children with special needs at the Heshima Children’s Centre in Nairobi.
Here for local and sustainable materials such as recycled glass are used. The mothers of these children are trained in jewellery manufacturing, get a fair wage and at the same time have their children taken care of, allowing them the much-needed care on individual bases. In this way we are all travelling on the same path. A path on which we all support and rely on each other. And that is our way, a good way of moving forward.

There is still a long way to go, and we welcome everyone to walk this path with us.

Kila la heri,
Neel and Arjun (Founder Africulture)
Africulture Logo

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