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Welcome to Africulture! We are two brothers that grew up in Kenya. Located in the heart of Africa, Kenya is a beautiful and fascinating  country in which many of its diverse traditions are still alive today. It is our pleasure to share our love and fascination for Africa by offering you fairly sourced  handmade clothing and accessories inspired by the local culture. All our cloths are crafted in our family-owned clothing company ONEWAY in Kenya. The production at ONEWAY follows the 10 Fairtrade principles and is certified by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). Our accessories like our Maasai beaded leather items and our jewellery are sourced from small artisan groups, always keeping fair wages and fair work in mind. 

Of particular importance are the following aspects:

  • Africulture cloths and accessories are inspired by African traditions.
  • All our cloths are made at our World Fair Trade Organization certified family business ONEWAY in Kenya
  • All our products  are at least partly hand-made and of superb quality.
  • Through our sales we support Kenyan artists, merchants and craftsmen by ensuring fair working and trading conditions.
  • We have partnered with the Kibagare Academy in Nairobi. For more information please check the tab “Charity

Our Africulture jewellery is hand-crafted by mothers of disabled children at Heshima, a school for special needs in Nairobi. The women are trained and employed while their children receive a special education.

With the purchase of an Africulture accessory  you do not only receive a piece of Africa but also support sustainable employment in Kenya.

We would be very happy to hear your thoughts! Any questions, wishes or suggestions? Please feel free to reach out

Arjun und Neel Malotra, Gründer von Africulture

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