A new and fair look- Clothing with a touch of Africa!

A scratchy dungaree or a hippy hemp outfit, is what some old fashion minded still might consider to be the characteristics of vegan clothing. The reality is though: Vegan Clothing has long become common Street style and can no longer be characterized only by natural fiber, contrastless
cuts or 80’s batik designs (which by the way are becoming popular again). The opposite is the case. Vegan Clothing is not noticeable since the types of people who carry the clothes vary. So do their motives and the occasions on which they wear clothes.
There are no limits to what Vegan Clothing can be. There is only one Rule. Not a single animal can suffer to produce clothing! With our Shirts, Hoodies and Dresses we as Africulture live up to the idea of being on the forefront of vegan clothing brands and go even one step further.

Vegan Clothing from Africulture. Your casual look of the Day!

The fact that vegan fashion is not only wearable but vibrant and diverse, is what we intend to express with our African inspired outfits. The predominantly used Kitenge and Kikoy fabrics consist of pure cotton that feels very soft and comfortable on the skin, in contrast to what some may picture vegan clothing to be . Speaking of comfortable: Our designs are mainly loose fit, in order for you to feel comfy throughout the day.
We aspire our shirts, jogges etc. to be a wearable solution when you spend your morning in front of the mirror asking yourself what the look of the day might be?
In our loosely cut Kikoy and Kitenge material you will get through the day, smoothly- and that not only by wearing, cool and vegan clothing but also because you will have a light and airy outfit with a touch of Africa, allowing you that sense of holiday in your everyday life!

Africulture: Vegan Clothing fairly produced!

Comfy Clothing alone, is not enough: With our African inspired outfits we want to give you a sustainable solution and good feeling at the same time. One thing is for sure. You will find vegan clothing at your local discounter. But that might not necessarily mean that it was fairly and sustainably produced.

For us, the idea of vegan fashion is only entirely fulfilled when clothing is simultaneously produced in a fair way. What good does it have if on one hand we prevent animal cruelty but on the other compromise on humans or nature? Offering cheaply and under unworthy labour conditions produced fabrics, is a absolute no go for us!

For us, most important is that all human involved in the process and supply chain of our products, profit from it. Small local dealers involved and all employees, which produce and finish the Africultre outfits, do this under fair working conditions. We minimize environmental impact by using local materials.

You will find more about this in our April-Blog.

Finally, it is you who profits. You can ware fairly produced fashion with a double of even triple better feeling about what you wear, because you are wearing vegan clothing, fairly and environmentally friendly.

https://africulture.de/en/ : “Vegan Clothing for your summer look”

Africulture: „Together we can act local and sustainable”.

Fair and vegan Fashion – Fashion trend number 1!

Yes, last bur lot least it is us that profit. To know that our fashion from sourcing, production and finishing to the consumer (you) is done in a fair way, gives us a good feeling. It motivates us to push even further and introduce more cool outfits for you. Outfits that you love to wear and outfits that help promote vegan, sustainable and fair fashion and strengthening the fashion trend. We like to travel this path together with partners such as Avocadostore (www.avocadostore.de) und beeanco (www.beeanco.com). If you are not yet familiar with what they do, both are marketplaces for sustainable products, following the same mission.  Act fair!

Feel free to have a look at what they offer!

Kila la heri,

Arjun & Neel


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